Delivering a green vision

At Vistry Group, we believe in having a landscape-led approach, and responding to the existing natural features at our proposal sites, including Land South of Hastings Road, Pembury.

We will seek to enhance what is already there with tree planting, drawn from the examples shown on our plan.

New public open space for the enjoyment of all will also be provided, and we have identified two potential locations for play areas.

Other improvements will include footpaths, cycle ways, and Sustainable Drainage Systems (also known as SuDS).

We will also deliver a biodiversity enhancements and our landscaping plan will seek to enhance habitats for species such as bats, hedgehogs, and bumblebees.

Pembury Landscaping Plan
Careful thought has gone into our landscaping plan, including sustainable drainage, the trees we will plant, and potential locations for play areas. Existing public rights of way are marked with the yellow dotted lines

Delivering sustainable drainage

As part of submitting a planning application, we will include a robust Flood Risk Assessment.

The document will demonstrate that once construction is complete, the potential flood risk at the site and nearby will not increase. We will also comply with existing national and local standards relating to minimising flood risk.

Our proposals will also demonstrate how Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) will be delivered at the site.

Vistry Group will provide Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) which are designed to minimise the impact on the existing drainage network